Men In Tights? Or Hackers In Black?

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With the Fukushima disaster still leaking radioactive material into the Pacific, containment issues are being resolved one by one, but it will be years before true recovery can be realized. (Updates) Three and a half years after the earthquake that caused this massive folly of humanity, Japan is also thinking of reactivating two other reactors! They still have to convince their own people of their safety and, if successful, they will be drawing up evacuation routes in case of an accident. Reactivating these new facilities would not remove the threat of a meltdown: the frequent earthquakes that hit Japan every year. Just this past week, there have been six quakes! Even though they were small and far below ground, the danger is still a constant threat to maintaining a stable power plant.
On the other side of the world, BP is still trying to weasel out of paying for the damage during the oil spill cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico. I took a look at, and it seems they are more concerned with who is to blame, rather than dealing with the poison, Corexit, they have been dumping into the ocean to dissolve the oil. The people who work there have filed complaints against the company, and with a few settlements to try to keep the initial reports quiet, their voices are finally being heard. However, it is the ones with the money who have the best lawyers, and so I easily stumbled upon this latest article, confirming that those responsible are well protected.

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Bob the Scourge *Exclusive*

Well, this week has been full of attempts to make the greatest website possible for The Forgotten Age Trilogy! (New character pages, seen here!) Done some gaming, went skating with the homies, pictures of which will be posted by the cool BMC photographer Orbintras!

(If you have read the first installment of the TFA Trilogy and want to let us know what you think, check out the new reviews page at! Honest only please!)

I see we have some guys who wanted me to write about magical creatures and the undead, so here is a small piece, combining the ideas they have thrown at me. Enjoy!
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The Inverted Symbol

So, why have I picked the symbol at the top to represent the words written here?

I’ve been taking a look at the symbol of Seisoa, which at the top of the page is upside down and imprinted with a Z.
I have had a tattoo of the original symbol for a long time, with the squared spiral in the middle, which was meant to represent the following:

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