So, why have I picked the symbol at the top to represent the words written here?

I’ve been taking a look at the symbol of Seisoa, which at the top of the page is upside down and imprinted with a Z.
I have had a tattoo of the original symbol for a long time, with the squared spiral in the middle, which was meant to represent the following:

The five points of entry, the opened points of the star, represent the five senses.
Information from the outside world whirls around in our minds, causing the star in the middle (representing the conscious mind) to spin and eventually evolve. At birth, this center star is perfect, after the passage of time becoming distorted, as a journey takes its course and a life is lived.
The squared spiral at the center represents the inner self, which cannot be touched by the outside world (only made silent by death or disability.) As anyone who has read my work would know, I would call it consciousness, related also to the subconscious, but if you want to call it a soul, that would be the simplest explanation that most could understand. It is what makes me myself. It is the reason why I have remained this person for my whole life, even after waking up after a good night’s sleep with the deepest of dreams. It is the culmination of your experience to be reading my words right now, whether by random link or a chosen one.

That is why it is the symbol of Seisoa of Farin in TFA, because his curiosity lead him to venture around his world to understand it. Each humanoid, from human to demon, describes to him their perspective on reality. These are the aspects they all had in common in their experience of their world.

After a bit of speculating about why I put the Z into the middle of the symbol and flipped it, I began to realize that if I was to change the symbol into something else, I can definitely create a new meaning for it. This way, the inverted symbol would become something other than an explanation of our sentient experiences. And so, I have come up with the following interpretation, to make it more directed towards what a human requires to live. The original symbol is the result of many things, all reliant on our bodies functioning optimally. The new symbol represents what we all need to survive to have these experiences.

I believe these five points, at the arms of the outward open star, to be the rights to which all humans should have minimum access in our current world. The five points represent, in this upside-down version, together with what I call the 5 con-‘s:

Clean Food, Clean Water, Clean Air
Protection (i.e. Housing and clothing)
Electricity (Enhancement of survivability/technology)
Communication/Information (Libraries/Internet/Phones)
Medicine and Healthcare

Other laws are shaped by necessity, and often personal or group interest. Those are details defined by the accumulated experience of mankind, not our basic necessities.

As far as my personal policies are concerned, those who are chosen by the people to lead and protect them are also responsible for delivering these five necessities to the masses and themselves, decreasing worry and creating prosperity for everyone. Scarcity is something that can be tempered so that we all may truly live, and I believe that true leaders are not elected businessmen who have nice speeches, but those who have real visions for the future and will fight for the people they serve while in office. A leader should fight to overcome such scarcity and strife for their people’s survival.
Working together in a sustainable system, we will plenty of room and time to research how to fix our broken planet, or survive its destruction. The excessive wartime spending, putting the wealth into the hands of only a few, should be invested in these requirements for existence, to create a state of stability worldwide. This way, we can perhaps work together to develop a society that would be worthy of reaching out and colonizing the stars, so that we can keep growing, instead of constantly killing each other over this planet and its inhabitants and resources.
In an attempt to show what can be achieved, I have disregarded many things here, of course. The reasons for war will not simply disappear. Religious fanatics will hold all kinds of demonstrations to claim superiority over the others, and our incomplete political systems still refuse to cooperate with each other to find common ground and pool their knowledge.
We have been given ears to listen, and voices that can be heard.

Face to face, isn’t it great that people do not share the exact same vision or perspective? This means that there is no one single truth, because of the multitude of perspectives in this world. By compiling our resources and taking the best of each perspective, I believe it is possible to finally find something that works for all humankind, before our increased capacity for knowledge and progress annihilates us all, completely. Through open and honest communication, perspectives can be shared. It is not through competitive debate that alliances are made, but with a common goal, a common concern that is more important than the rest.

The necessities for life should not be optional in the search for truth.

That is why, going back to the symbol, the broken star in the middle will still represent the advancement of time, the personal experience of the symbol within. But I have devised an extra touch: FUN! Once all of the five necessities are provided for, then we can enjoy our lives to their fullest, getting to wherever we want to be in life. However, to achieve these goals and survive requires a certain amount of responsibility, represented by the center symbol.
The center symbol can be replaced by the symbol of any group, representing a common thought or ideal. The rest stays the same to maintain the basic structure of the idea that humans CAN work together for the future!

Do you agree that these things should be available to all humans? That we should sort out the rest of our problems together, fighting to finally erase the ailments of hunger and the homeless, that we can bring about a world to an age where money is not an issue when referred to necessity? If so, I have prepared a special gift for my Bone Marrow Crew brothers and sisters as an example. Here is a template in case you want to put your own symbol in it and show your support!

Cya’ll next week!

BMC Inverted Symbol


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