Well, this week has been full of attempts to make the greatest website possible for The Forgotten Age Trilogy! (New character pages, seen here!) Done some gaming, went skating with the homies, pictures of which will be posted by the cool BMC photographer Orbintras!

(If you have read the first installment of the TFA Trilogy and want to let us know what you think, check out the new reviews page at http://www.tfatrilogy.com/reviews! Honest only please!)

I see we have some guys who wanted me to write about magical creatures and the undead, so here is a small piece, combining the ideas they have thrown at me. Enjoy!

Bob the Scourge

Anouk went walking in the graveyard one day,
trying to find a nice place to stay.
A voice, just a whisper, from beneath came a sound,
someone had been buried deep underground.
Bob was a man who was left in the dark,
Terrible and immobile, afraid in the cold.
Unfortunate, horrid his life had become,
his body was half eaten, covered in mold.
He thought about what happened, and how it all occurred,
in that previous life, his people, the scourge.
He thought about that day,
he came across his dwarven foe.
A battle had ensued,
beneath the light of the U.F.O.
Bob could care less,
what lingered above and lit them.
All that he remembered then,
was his life as a human.
And as much as the dwarves hated the aliens,
and the humans hated the dwarven race,
Bob had just become scourge,
so the sight of a dwarf made his blood race.
Little did he know,
as Bob was later in his grave,
that he was the last of his kind to exist,
the final scourge knave.
And all along around him,
life continues to thrive,
as the evil elves have a nuke,
but the dinosaurs are alive.
While the elves are preoccupied,
abducting unicorns in the magic wood,
T-rex and his buddies,
have done all that they could.
They have stolen a spaceship,
from ET and his friends,
and by defeating the elves,
they’ll save Bob once again.

If they can get past the zombie sheep.

As for the rest of the week, still updating the site, so keep a lookout for the new and improved website of TFA!

Here is a list of the contributors of this week’s ideas! Comments? Questions? Beloooow :p

Johan Motmans: aliens abducting unicorns in a magical forest, dwarves don’t like the aliens, people don’t like the dwarves, elves have a nuclear bomb and are in war with the humans, dinosaurs have a spaceship and are bound to save the universe? if they can get past the zombie sheep.

Thomas: The last undead after a huge scourge finds himself in the ground, waking up to a bad dream. Bob, the friendly undead, is not burdened by the need to consume brains and have contempt towards all the living, but instead he needs to find a purpose in not-life. But first he needs to get out of the fucking ground because the soil is causing his skin to come off.

Anouk: Herself xD


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