Beneath the Purple Sky *Exclusive*

Well hello again! Guess who is back online!
It has been a long and thrilling ride to get The Forgotten Age: Resolution up to par! Along with the preparation for our upcoming Indiegogo Promotion, I have decided to enter some Author Contests to get those creative juices flowing!
And so, for my April 28th Author Competition on reddit HERE, I present to you, my story, based on the image above. Don’t forget to vote!:

Beneath the Purple Sky

“Let’s see… ‘The Sorcerer’s Cauldron’, this seems like the place!”
Out on the dark, lantern-lit streets, a young man had finally arrived on the streets of the small town of Hettinger. The man who broke the silence of the late night scene, along the rows of wooden homes and pubs, was a poet; a timid young man named Ken.
Ken had a slender figure, an outfit of old, worn, brown fabrics, and a brown knapsack with his most precious possessions. The only items he had brought from home were his writing materials, and a book filled with page after page of empty parchment.
Having had an appreciation for the twists and turns of eloquent prose since childhood, he had long hoped to fill the pages of this next dummy-book with intricate descriptions about his observations and experiences, but the words faded neither in or out of his thoughts. The curious poet had not been inspired for some time. Many hours he had spent, staring at a blank page, hoping for the words to come.

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