Pandemonium: Part I (A Star Wars Fan Fiction) *Exclusive*

Hello and welcome to the first part of a Star Wars Fan Fiction that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks!
With the excessive amounts of information that the world of the Force contains, the entry has grown to about three times what I wanted it to be, and it merits an extension, which will come in the following months!
But for now, I present to you the first part of a story of temptation and realization, the story of “Pandemonium: Part I”:

“Zahara, where are you going?”
“I just have a feeling that it’s this way, trust me on this!”
Racing across an icy landscape, with a white haze concealing the black, starry skies, a young Twi’lek; a Jedi Padawan fresh out of training, grasped tightly to her brown robe from the inside, trying to keep warm from the piercing wind.
Her shouted assurance was in response to her Master; a Jedi Knight named Jhim Karn, who had decided to trust his pupil’s intuition to find the way back to the Republic base. Following closely, he knew full well that she was taking a roundabout way to get back to their encampment.

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