A Brief Hiatus *Exclusive*

Wow! Tomorrow, it will already have been two years since the release of Soulfire!!
What a ride it has been! Even though I have had a lot of fun on this WordPress blog, it was only ever meant to be a stepping stone; a way for me to expand my writing styles, and try something new, but I have hit a bit of a wall.
I’ve been trying to keep this blog up and running, first wanting to create weekly posts, then bi-weekly, and now it seems that even that won’t be possible for a long while. But, one must wait for inspiration to come, and I always felt that The Forgotten Age Trilogy deserved more of my attention, so I have been writing!
The trilogy is quickly expanding, and while Nayoshake has created a beautiful new site, the content writing has been taking up most of my time. I’ll be busy with that for a few weeks, so that TFA has its own little wiki!
The site will be constantly expanding, and I am happy to announce that we are also currently working on the final draft of RESOLUTION… where the Z will continue his struggle against the evil Xan’dros, and learn how to become a hero!
As for the release of the second Journal, we have been constantly working on a new promotional site on Indiegogo which, if you’ve never heard of it, is a bit like Kickstarter.
There will be tons of goodies in store for those who are willing and able to support; statues, extra stories, and some exclusive items that are out of this universe!

And so, I will keep this blog online, and use it for my own personal notes, for now. Once I get some time to finally do it, I’m planning on writing out an autobiography, composed of smaller posts on The Current Z, so don’t go away! You might miss something awesome! xD
Pandemonium will also be getting its second and third parts, as we all continue to look forward to Star Wars: Episode VII, later this year!

For now, here are a few sneak peeks at what we have in store…