A few months ago, in preparation for the Indiegogo project, I did a photo shoot with Gerrit Hoogmartens. The idea was to add some professionalism in my social networking, and be able to present myself as the Z. We decided that the old mine in Genk would be a great place to start, because it was close by, and full of old machinery with a renovated touch.

Walking around with a katana in a public place did make me nervous, but there was a little boy that passed us by when we were taking the sword pictures, who looked very impressed. The older people were a bit scared, I think… :p

It was a day that I needed to walk with my cane,because of my heels, and throwing my back out while skateboarding with my friend Jay (which some of you know as a character in TFA.) We had to rush it a bit, but the pictures he sent me were awesome, really bringing out the epicness that we sought to achieve.

These pictures will be posted everywhere, of course, but here are all of them, presented in a gallery, also so that I won’t lose them if my laptop fails me…

Hope you all enjoy, and many thanks to Gerrit for making me look good, which is a challenge in itself!

Fotostudio Gerrit


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