Hi everybody!
It’s been an interesting week so far, and I am exhausted! However, the battle continues for the Z, as life has its ups and downs; never forgetting to enjoy the gift of surviving, in this corporeal form.

The past week has come with the usual challenges that come along with running a crowdfunding campaign; getting the word out, posting on social media, giving out cards here and there, and expanding the TFA world by working on The Seisoa Chronicles!

First, I will explain my absence this past weekend. Last week, as some of you may have noticed, no-one was able to create a profile on the website! Nevertheless, through the tireless efforts of Nayoshake, everything seems to be in order now! That is why I invite everyone who is reading this to peruse our site, create a profile, and join our Forum at The Forgotten Age Trilogy website!

I am also happy to say that we have created an amazing trailer for TFA, together with the artwork and expertise of Bone Marrow Cold Productions, that will be released this evening! Along with the new video, comes a breath of new life in the story that many have long anticipated.

And so, it is with great happiness and humility that I present to you all, a segment from the introduction of The Seisoa Chronicles! Here is an excerpt from “Introduction by Z.”

“If my hand cramps up, I will use my other. If that one fails me, I will write with my teeth. Even if my blood is required for the ink, this story will be told and my mind healed.”

Patient Z – TFA: Soulfire

Unlike the patient, however, I do no seek to heal my mind, but only to grasp this man’s idea; to understand his purpose and to, perhaps, inspire like he did. I do not doubt myself as I proceed, for his story is the kind that is worth telling; the story of a man who just wanted a peaceful, just, and honest world.

For all those who are interested and willing, watch out for next week: “No Chains Hold Heroes,” The first full episode of The Seisoa Chronicles!

To gain  access, make sure to make your free profile on the website at www.theforgottenagetrilogy.com, then head on over to our Indiegogo Project to get one book, two books, some extra stuff, or just the 5 Euro perk, because every little bit helps!
This week, we will be working on a trailer to promote The Universal Conclave; the think tank that I mentioned in The History of TFA promotional video!

However, because many people have already asked me what I mean with a “think tank,” I have been working on a short overview of what the Universal Conclave represents. You will all be able to see it next week, on the website itself and here, on The Current Z. Stay tuned for next week’s update!

Referring to the Universal Conclave, and thinking back to the gruesome events of this past weekend, I have a few more things that I need to get off my chest. This has everything to do with the Universal Conclave, as it stands for a place where all people can come together to make peace, and find common ground.

The anger of the world community is continuing to permit France to bomb Syria even more; destroying homes, tearing apart families, smacking an already crippled nation down; all because some group decided to send in troops at a football/soccer match, and obtain the media coverage that they knew they would receive. Each explosion also impacts civilians, whether directly or indirectly.

Stop fueling the fire with thoughts of revenge for hundreds of victims; people you did not even know or care about, before they were dead. Thousands die every day because of war; incinerated or buried under the rubble caused by the bombs our armed forces send towards countries and people we have never even seen.

Lastly, I say the following as a fellow human being. If we, the people, are strong enough to defend ourselves during that kind of assault, wars may perhaps become what they once were; a battle between soldiers, instead of armed monsters attacking civilians with nothing but targets on their heads.

The assault on the Bataclan Theatre was a tragedy, because out of more than 1000 people, nobody was able to take down the assailants, except for the military. The people of France were helpless and unprepared.

The officers who are supposed to protect the citizens, will always get there too late. Learn to defend yourself, and if we become a strong people; like those that we look up to, in our wildest dreams of fiction, we will be able to prevent such tragedies. Protect those close to you, next to you, aid the poor and the helpless. If you are a Star Wars fan, become a Jedi. It doesn’t matter whether you can use the Force or not.

It doesn’t matter if you lack mutant, alien, or supernatural superpowers:

We are the best protection against the fear that this form of guerrilla tactics (terrorism) brings. Live as a hero, and we will never need to fear them again. Fear is their power, and when we hope and cooperate, we take their power from them.

That is what one man did, saving the lives of hundreds in Beirut. He gave his life, so that others may have lived. Because of the intense media coverage on Paris, he will perhaps be forgotten; but not now. Not today.

Just past this link is the story of Adel Termos, a man who lived as a father, but died a hero. May his name never be forgotten.

Peace is the way to peace, and as a great man once said:

“Fighting for peace, is like screwing for virginity!”

-George Carlin

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Live the dream through persistence,

Unlock the past through wisdom,

And change the future through the choices you make, today.


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