Here we go people! Weekly update 2!

The Seisoa Chronicles finally gets its decent start this week, with the first installment: Episode I: No Chains Hold Heroes!

Here is an excerpt, for those who have yet to see it:

“You sound like my father,” was Seisoa’s mocking response, “‘Family is the most important,’ he said, ‘stay with us and help make Farin stronger,’ he said. That seems to be what everyone says in our forest home, but that is only because all of you fear the unknown!

I know that it is important to protect this place; from rodents to beasts to birds, and the towering esper trees, which we cannot reach our arms around, because they are ancient. However, we must not let ourselves be entrenched in our ways of thinking!
The tree’s roots may be powerful enough to break ground, but it is chained by those roots, and cannot choose which ground it breaks. I can! I will!”

And all the while, this reality has seen fit to bless me with bronchitis. This is the reason for the late report this week, as the body needs to often repair from annoying sickness…

However, here we are, and the ambition that I have will not waver because of infections or difficulty breathing.

Because of this minor setback, we will not be releasing the teaser video for Resolution as of yet, but know that it is in the works, so stay tuned…

Most of what we have done this week has to do with marketing, and getting the story out there! Google Adwords is now a part of our repertoire, as well as the marketing that we could do via Facebook. I have also been looking into something called Bublish, which seems to be quite interesting.

For those of you who are interested in the Statuettes, TinkerNos has given us some pictures of his progress with the designs, and Mark I is available for viewing in the Gallery!

Don’t forget to make your profile, help out by getting a book, and join in on the epic of Z…

Live the dream

Unlock the past

Change the future!

-The Forgotten Age Trilogy-


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