Indiegogo Weekly Update VI

First of all, I’d like to give a big shout out of thanks to Sven “Tomtaru” Maesen and Jeron “Shinryuu” Boehle for helping out on the project! We are now up to 6 sponsors, to whom I am eternally grateful!

Unfortunately, there will be no episode of The Seisoa Chronicles this week, because of the holidays! Called my family yesterday (they are spread out across the US and EU :P) And partied hearty with my homies,and again tonight!

However, we’re all in for a treat next week, as Seisoa learns what the people of Menak are going through in next week’s episode:
Episode V: Descent Into Menak
I don’t have a segment, because it’s not written yet xD

A late merry xmas and a premature slappy news year! (I swear that doesn’t happen all the time :p)


Indiegogo Weekly Update V

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The holidays are here!

Had my birthday on Wednesday and Thursday, and damn it was a blast! I’d like to thank everyone who helped make it a success, and everyone that sent a message on all that social networking! Even though they are just a few words, I do believe that the wishes are genuine!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was so epic, I would like to thank JJ for not letting his fellow fans down! Definitely the perfect writer to continue the series!

All that being said, even though I have been busy, I have found time to finish Pandemonium as well! This Star Wars Fan Fiction is to be seen, in full, HERE.
I decided to just put all of the chapters together, but for those who don’t have a lot of time, to read them in succession, click the links below:

Part I                                    Part II                                     Part III

As for The Seisoa Chronicles, here is an excerpt from this week’s episode: Priests and Peasants!

Seisoa was quick to answer, “These people are suffering. Are you blind to their grief? Can you not see that they need food, water, and shelter, just as we all do?
They are not at all inferior to you in any way. Even those you have been hunting, like Stein; they are all your equals! There is no way that you could believe any different!”
Axson just smiled and responded by lifting his right hand, holding an orb of flame, and stating plainly, “Soulfire magic is about how much you know, how accurately you can envision your power to become. Because visualization is key, we will always be better, because we hold the Cronus Libra, and they could never surpass the teachings of Cronus!”
Seisoa’s right hand became a fist, as his left was held up, pointing at the High Priest.
Out of anger and disbelief, he responded through clenched teeth, “That is because you keep the book from them,” then shouted, “That text belongs to the people of Menak, not only a few!”


Yep, it’s getting pretty brutal! I can’t wait till next week, when the battle begins between the Cronus Priests take on the conjurer intruder, and defend their dominion over the citizens of Menak. Been looking forward to a battle of that scale for a long time!


Still recruiting for the Universal Conclave, so anyone who wants to, visit the website, view the mission statement, and if you want to participate, create a profile on the website!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend everyone!

Pandemonium (FULL) (Star Wars Fan Fiction) *Exclusive*


“Zahara, where are you going?”
“I just have a feeling that it’s this way, trust me on this!”
Racing across an icy landscape, with a white haze concealing the black, starry skies, a young Twi’lek; a Jedi Padawan fresh out of training, grasped tightly to her brown robe from the inside, trying to keep warm from the piercing wind.
Her shouted assurance was in response to her Master; a Jedi Knight named Jhim Karn, who had decided to trust his pupil’s intuition to find the way back to the Republic base. Following closely, he knew full well that she was taking a roundabout way to get back to their encampment. Read more

Pandemonium: Part III [Conclusion] (A Star Wars Fan Fiction) *Exclusive*

Be sure to read Pandemonium: Part I and Part II!

Battered and beaten, her robes torn throughout, Vi could barely keep her head up, and seemed dazed. Her graceful presence, as Jhim Karn could remember from just earlier that day, had faded almost completely. She was surrounded by the Grey Jedi that had retrieved her, and stood motionless in the middle of the room, just a small distance from Jhim and Zahara.
In the large, round room with an open roof, surrounded by dozens of Grey robed Jedi, Master Karn was down on his knees, his throat still sore from the grip of his Padawan’s Force ability. He was confused, hurt, but knew well how to keep his inner calm during such moments.

“Why would you do this, Zahara?” he asked, making sure his tone was an even balance between overbearing and helpless.

Zahara smiled an unfamiliar smile, then lent down to speak to her old Master, “I want to show you what it is we wish for. I want to show you our power. Even though you betrayed us, it is only through your ignorance that you have done so. I hope that this will show you, that we have an actual goal; a genuine reason to think outside the boundaries that the Jedi have placed for us.”

Behind Zahara, the six Grey Jedi, who had gone to retrieve Vi from the back room, returned to the crowd. They seemed camouflaged, disappearing among the dozens of other grey robes. They left Jhim, Zahara, and a withered, staggering Vi in the center of the crowded room for all to see.
Out of concern for his own well-being, as well as that of Master Vi, Jhim reached into his robes, ever so gently, and subtly activated the communications device that he always kept with him. The message that he broadcast was sent straight to the Jedi Order; a distress signal,  requesting that the others of his Order come to rescue them. Zahara seemed not to notice, and continued her explanation.

“Master, I know that you think that we are cruel, that we are tainted by the Dark Side of the Force, but that is simply not true. Master Gorean only wished for us to continue his work, for to understand the full mystery is the work of miracles. Let me show you.”

Zahara stood up straight, pushing her red and black tentacles back with a swift movement of her head. She looked straight at Vi, and made her approach to the beaten Jedi Master.
Standing next to her subjected superior, Zahara closed her eyes and began to concentrate intensely. Within a moment, before any of them realized, she opened her eyes and laid her hands on Vi, prepared to use an unknown ability.

“Stop!” Jhim commanded, but still choked from beforehand, he was powerless over her actions.

Zahara’s hands began to glow a bright blue, as Force energy could be seen flowing from her, straight through Master Vi’s skin. The bruises started to lose their purple color, eventually fading away into oblivion.
Proficient in the Jedi arts, Karn was taken aback by the scene. He knew that Force Healing was a rare ability, hardly ever seen or used by the Order. Self healing was difficult, and would usually require hours of meditation. Healing someone else was even more difficult, and had only been recorded on occasion. If Zahara had learned this art through her free studies of the Force, it had been an amazing feat, to say the least.

“Vi? Are you alright?” Jhim asked his old friend.

Vi had seemed to be healed, but swayed back and forth for a moment. Foreseeing that she would fall to the ground, Zahara pulled the Master’s arm over her shoulders and set her down safely. The Twi’lek pulled off her robe and laid it over Vi’s body, making sure she was warm and protected.
It seemed that the healing ability had some side effects, which had even surprised Zahara when she blurted out, “Wow, that’s never happened before, maybe we did go a bit rough on her.”

Not fully understanding the situation, Jhim could only pose another question, “Zahara, where did you learn how to do that?”

“The Force can do horrible things, like how we convinced her to come along, but you know that the Force can accelerate regeneration,” she replied in earnest.
Seeing Zahara smile, Jhim quickly recognized the demeanor of the Padawan that he had trained so long ago. He thought to himself, that her mind had not been as vicious and chaotic as he had assumed in the days before. She had just been hiding a secret from him, and from the rest of the council. His fellow Masters would not stand for knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force however, which quickly reminded Jhim about the distress signal that he had broadcast, just moments before.

“Zahara, listen,” he began, his voice tainted with regret, “we have to get out of here. They are already on their way.”

“Who is on their way?” Zahara replied, “Not-”

An immense explosion erupted from the doorway from which Karn had been forced to enter. The few Grey Jedi who stood next to the door were thrown to the ground. The rescue team had arrived, quite a bit sooner than Master Karn had thought or wanted. Before, his distress was pure and real, but now he only wanted to get them all to safety once more.
A cloud of grey dust from the blast filled the room, as lightsabers were activated all around. Blades of blue, green, yellow and purple could be seen all around them, as the hall was invaded by Jedi from the Order. The Grey Jedi’s robes could hardly be seen, but that was no advantage against those who were strong in the ways of the Force.


“Take care of the intruders!” Zahara commanded, then looked towards Master Karn, who was still knelt next to her after the blast, adding, “They must have followed you! You have to leave, I don’t want them to catch you down here. That could be the end of you!”

“No, I’m going to stay right here. My place is with the both of you-”

The Master’s reply was cut short and he was instantly silent, as he saw multiple lightsabers through the dust, in combat or coming closer. A purple blade was closest, surrounded by dozens of battles around them. The clashing of a hundred Jedi weapons permeated what had just before been silent; the buzzing and zooming of clashing blades’ flashing, refracted throughout the dust created by the Order’s entrance.
The Grey Order were not the best trained, nor the oldest or most experienced of Jedi. Before long, the amount of battles had been cut in half, but Karn still remained focused on the purple blade of unknown origin. He sensed a great power wielding it, a power that he had come to know so well.

“Why did they send her? Anyone but her,” he said out loud.

Before Zahara could respond, the buzz of another lightsaber could be heard from behind them. When Zahara and Jhim turned around, they both were shocked to witness that one Grey Jedi, an unknown figure, had stabbed Master Vi’s lifeless body straight through, even through the floor beneath her. She had just been healed, but now, the damage was irreparable. Her life came to an abrupt end, murdered by one of the children that she had so thought to save.

“The Order must die! Our Order will rise!” the young Grey Jedi yelled proudly, contented with his easy kill.

“Vi! NO!” Karn yelled, no longer concerned with his surroundings.
He stretched out his hand and pushed the Grey Jedi to the far wall with such powerful Force, that they could all hear the wall crumble on that side of the room. If he was not dead on impact, he would have surely met his end at the hands of the Order’s onslaught.

For that moment, Jhim had lost his calm, but as a Master of the Jedi Arts, he quickly regained his composure. He turned to the real danger facing them; the holder of the purple lightsaber. Once he had turned around once more, he was terrified that his assumptions were true. A slender, female figure walked towards them, battle ready; a human clothed in the familiar brown, Jedi robe. Her name was An’ya Kuro.
The Order had sent a powerful Jedi known as the Dark Woman; a Jedi Master who was completely dedicated to the Light Side of the Force. She was so committed to the Light, that she had given up her real name in exchange for that very title. This was her way of showing humility, out of respect for the Force itself.
If it had been anyone else; Mace Windu, Master Yoda, Ki-Adi-Mundi, or any of the other Masters of the High Council, the Grey Order might have been spared, or at least captured. The Dark Woman, on the other hand, was only and impartially true to the Light. With her at the helm, anyone with affiliation to the Dark Side, no matter how innocent, would meet their “just” demise.
On her approach, she had the air of brutality and an imposing demeanor.

“Get away from him!” the Dark Woman commanded to Zahara, not privy to the situation at all.

Jhim tried his best to convince her, “It’s not what you think, she’s my old Pada-”

Before Jhim could even utter the words to stop her, the Dark Woman attacked Zahara with immeasurable force. Her purple lightsaber was blocked instantly, and pushed to the side by the younger Twi’lek, wielding her familiar blue-bladed weapon. As they fought, the dust began to settle, and the ground all around them was littered with the bodies of countless Grey Jedi, along with a few from the Order.
Zahara herself had a difficult time keeping the Master Jedi at bay. She lacked the training to defend herself completely, but dodged and ducked away from the Dark Woman’s onslaught. After just a few strikes, the battle was decided.
One opening in Zahara’s defense was all it took, for the Dark Woman to put her to rest. The purple lightsaber went straight through her, cauterizing the wound instantly. The Twi’lek, able to stand for only a moment after being stabbed, fell towards the ground. Master Karn rushed to catch her, before she hit the ground. Silence fell all around them. The battle was over.

“You… see?” Zahara spoke, her last words to her Master, “They can never understand… us. They…*cough*… too… ignorant.”

Zahara’s head fell, as the last bit of life Force left her body. Her corpse went limp, and Jhim sat there, with his lifeless pupil in his arms. Another cold chill ran down his spine; doubling that feeling of loss that he had never felt before. The Dark Woman stood over them, glad to have beaten the leader of, what she thought was, the Fallen Jedi uprising.

“The Sith must never be allowed to return,” the Dark Woman stated, reaching her hand out to Jhim, “This was for the best, now come on. We must inform the rest of the council, just in case any of these monsters managed to escape.”

Holding Zahara’s lifeless body, Jhim felt the lure of the Dark Side more than he ever had. The pull of desolation and failure were continually stronger and more potent, bringing along grief and despair. He only blamed himself for what had happened; for the distress signal, for the treatment that the children had received from the Council, and for the awful turn of events that he had witnessed.
“You don’t know what you’ve done,” he answered Master Kuro, “they were not Sith, they only wanted to learn. They saw the faults in all of us… in the Jedi way of life.”

“There are no faults in the Jedi way of life,” An’ya retorted, extending her lightsaber alongside Jhim’s neck, “or have you also been tainted?”

With thoughts of beauty; memories of past days of peace and tranquility, Jhim muttered the words he had known and repeated so often:
“There is no death, only the Force.”
He grinned, laughed a bit to himself, then let out a, “Hmm…”

The Jedi Master had finally started to understand more of Zahara and the Grey Jedi’s view of the High Council. Those who stood beside Jhim’s old pupil understood that the order and tranquility of the Jedi was founded on principals that were not unlike the Sith in their bipartisan beliefs in the Force. The Jedi were killers to them, just as the Sith; their respective ideals separated only by their perspective.
He began to realize that the first Grey Jedi; the Zabrak whom he had once met on the planet of Ilum, was not wrong. He had sought to learn the entire mystery, while the Jedi kept themselves secluded and ignorant; partial to only a portion of the knowledge that could save so many lives. He looked down at Zahara’s body that he was holding, then over to his fallen friend, Vi. Master Karn felt, for the first time in his life, pure and utter hopelessness.
-Perhaps Gorean was right- he thought to himself, -Zahara’s curiosity, the will of these Padawans… perhaps it is only natural that those who are sensitive to the Force would wish to understand everything about the power that they possess…-

His thoughts were quickly disturbed by Master Kuro; the Dark Woman. With the purple blade of her lightsaber still glowing; leering over him, she insisted on his answer to her question.
“I am not here to play games. Are you with us, Master Karn?”

Jhim could say little, still holding the motionless body of his defeated Padawan in his arms. He was beyond distressed. No amount of meditation would take away the regret… nor the anger.

“The question is,” Jhim began, looking up, “are you against me?”

Quickly and suddenly, he reached out his hand towards the Dark Woman, using the Force to attract Zahara’s lightsaber, left on the ground behind her. While it flew through the air, Jhim pressed the button on the side of the lightsaber with a touch of Force power, revealing the blue blade. The active, glowing weapon streaked through the air, directly towards the Dark Woman.

Anticipating this attack, the sufficiently trained and level headed Dark Woman jumped, somersaulting and making a corkscrew in the air. In one swift motion, the fight was over before it had even began. The blue lightsaber fell to the ground with a clatter, rolling next to the head of Jhim Karn; defender of the Republic, and loyal Jedi Master.

The Dark Woman retracted her lightsaber instantly, as her feet touched down gracefully. The other Jedi that had accompanied her tried to intervene too late, so she held her hand up to stop them from interfering.
She looked down at her friend, her fellow Jedi Master, beheaded by her hand.
It was to be one of the two warriors who would fall that day, and she knew that well. Karn had been eradicated swiftly, along with the Younglings that he had saved, so long ago. Now that the destruction of this “Dark Order” was complete, she felt a pinch of disappointment. There would be no chance for her to discover the reason behind all of the madness.

What she could never know; what made it all the more unsettling, was that she had no idea how or why the students had arrived at that forsaken temple that day. She would never know exactly why the Padawans had assembled; clad in their grey robes in the Underworld of Coruscant. She would later write in her report that they had all fallen to the Dark Side of the Force, including Master Jhim Karn. Even though this was only conjecture, based on the rumors surrounding the once-lost Younglings, she knew of no other reason why they would have been there.
Master Vi, on the other hand, was mentioned to clearly be a victim of their downfall.
“Master Vi had fallen victim to their profanities,” she concluded after further research; once learning that Vi and Karn had been seen together, in the hall of the Galactic Senate just hours before.
Because of her own lack of evidence and information, the Dark Woman, as well as the rest of the Jedi High Council, would never know what turn of events had caused this tragedy. The report, like so many others, would be buried in the Jedi Library’s datacrons, gathering dust alongside Karn’s old Master, Jocasta Nu.

The mystery of Master Karn’s “fall” to the Dark Side would never be solved, but the Jedi who were a part of the pandemonium that day, would never forget the slaughter of far too young, “fallen” Jedi.

Indiegogo Weekly Update IV (Halfway!)

Hello all!

Quite the week it has been, making cards, videos, and promoting the site with any platform I can get my hands on. Going to work in a warehouse to pay off the bills, coming home and creating more stories and content; getting little sleep in the process is just a part of it, I guess!

However, the fact is, we are already half way through the fundraiser! But, as I wrote in the thank you’s for the first book:

Never give up, never surrender!

Here is a piece of The Seisoa Chronicles- Episode III: A Forest of White and Blue

“Who are you?”
“GET DOWN!” the mage shouted, as Seisoa immediately fell to the ground.
A cold, chill wind blew above them, as the conjurer looked up and saw three other mages, in white and blue cloaks, walking ominously towards them. They all three held glowing balls of energy in their hands; a chilling blue sphere, an electric purple sphere with small bolts of lightning emanating from it, and the third, with a ball of clear water.
“Who are th-”
While Seisoa attempted to inquire, he was cut short when the mage next to him, now seeming concerned with a stranger’s safety, yanked him by the neck of his shirt. Where the conjurer had been standing was soon devastated by a shock of lightning, as if it had come from the sky.


Below, you will also find a link to a new promotional video that I cooked up. Hope you all like!

See you next week! To access the Indiegogo page, go here:

To access the Mission Statement for the Universal Conclave, go here:

To see the new kickass trailer that I made, go here:


Live the Dream,

Unlock the Past,

Change the Future!


Indiegogo Weekly Update III

*Rushes into room, slams door, sits down, tries to come up with something….. and…. we’re good!*

Hello ladies and gents, and anyone who does not fall into those categories!

I have had a long, remarkable week, tweaking and re-tweaking an overview for the Universal Conclave post, on The Current Z.

Check the link below, and don’t be shy now!

While the Universal Conclave is expanding, and new profiles are being made daily, a tumbleweed rolls past the fundraiser, but there is still hope! We can not make this happen without your support!

There will be another link below for the Indiegogo website again, but first…

Along with the post for the Universal Conclave, I have also kept up with The Seisoa Chronicles; making sure that this week’s entry is as awesome as it can be. Here’s a teaser:


Because of the high demand for her lofty conjurations, Nayoh was always on the move. Still walking along the forest path, she reached out her hand and caught a small, chubby, brown bird on her wrist, with a short, stubby beak. It crawled up her fur sleeve, coming to rest on her shoulder. After whistling a few tidbits, it jumped gingerly back down the conjurer’s sleeve, back to her wrist, where it had landed.

“Thanks for that,” Seisoa and Nivek heard her mutter, “here’s some extra for the family.”

The bird was still perched on Nayoh’s wrist, when she held out her hand upward, conjuring up a handful of birdseed. The small, brown bird chirped happily, just before Nayoh opened her hand a bit more, and with a bright blue flash, clasped her hand shut. The bird and the birdseed were gone in an instant, returned to what conjurer’s called the void.

I’ve been waiting to write about Conjurers for so long…. that was so much fun! I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the story!

Without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I give you the links to:

UC Mission Statement

“…a place for us to assemble as equals. It takes many perspectives to
discover what is best for our world.”
-Rown Lunetist – TFA2: Resolution


The Forgotten Age Trilogy Fundraiser on Indiegogo!

Have a great weekend all, and I will return next week with more info, more stories, and much more to tell!

(When you’re on a site, and don’t even know it xD)

UC Mission Statement

A lot of people have been asking me what the Universal Conclave is. Here is the story, and the mission.

In the world of The Forgotten Age Trilogy and The Seisoa Chronicles, Seisoa of Farin was a man who traveled his world, seeking a way to stop violence and corruption. In the stories of the “Z,” he was a man who united the world, yet saw the flaw in such unity; that for each victory, and with every new peace, new challenges would arise.

To make sure that the people of his world would always have their say, Seisoa aided in the formation of the Universal Conclave. He created a coalition to stand above government and religion; a group that would unite and oversee all the people of the world beneath one symbol.

This power, however, was not only to be granted to a few, but to all who sought to improve on the conditions of their world. Every person in their world had a chance to question or join the Conclave.

Seisoa and his allies became disgusted with the pyramid structured class system, that had come before their time; where the majority of the world would follow the direction of a few. Those leaders often hid behind walls of soldiers and stone, cowering from the world, while trying to lead it. This created a gap between the rulers and their people which, in turn, gave rise to distrust between those with power, and those without.

Seisoa had also seen what such corruption could do, to some who were granted power over other people. The conjurer concluded, that there would always be those who would wish for that power; those with utmost pride, who believed that others were only meant to be subservient. With every person’s perspective able to cry out for help, those who would be subjected to desperate circumstances would be able to speak out against injustice. If such abuse of power would be seen again, it would be snuffed out quickly.

This judgment applied not only to those who made widespread, worldly decisions, but also to the common people; as social dominance, hatred, revenge and lies were an undeniable part of a free society, no matter how much some would try to right these wrongs.

The organization was no secret to the citizens of their world, and everyone could issue a complaint, if they knew where to look. Humans, mages, conjurers, O’rixian, dragons and demons; the six races experienced a time of peace for an extended period, because those with complaints, could always attempt to change the minds of many. This structure held fast in their world, until the events which take place in the journals of Z, also known as The Forgotten Age Trilogy.

The idea of the founders of the Universal Conclave was that all people would be able to consult and inquire to their governments and, if the need was present, to a unified group. The Conclave in Z’s journals had already acquired a supreme fortress; a consolidation of the world’s might, which can be seen on the cover of TFA2: Resolution. Their communications network reached around the world, as they oversaw the citizens of their planet from afar, but always protecting and guiding them.

In their world, in this story, all people had a chance to be heard, so that their world would not fall into desolation. Here on Earth, we also face many difficulties in maintaining a society where each opinion is valid. The class system of the Humans of Teuran, is much like our own; the natural progress of the tribal evolution of our species.

Now, with all of the technology that we currently possess, and the world in tatters, those who have assumed power over others are still making decisions that hurt our planet, murder the helpless, terrify the people, and make the rest feel inferior. However, there is much hope, and we have made so much progress.

The world’s ecosystems are in terrible shape, but technology and science make the headlines with breakthroughs, almost daily.

Religious extremists are acting out, but most of us are connecting and bridging the gap between nations, cultures, religions, education, technology, and commerce.

In the United States, the military wishes to enforce drones to spy on their own people, and bomb countries that they should be helping progress into prosperity, but most of us can sleep soundly… for now, quiet and protected.

Russians and Chinese, North and South Korea, World War III and nobody knows what to do, but this just in! They can store electricity in paper! Imagine the practical joke possibilities…

This world has its fun, and it’s not so fun, and it can be seen from so many perspectives. That is why the internet is full of information; some we wish to share, and some that we may never have even wanted to see in the first place. It is also full of petitions, cries of the people and, more and more, we are seeing what kind of influence that communication technology can have, through protests like Anonymous, or the impact that social networking has had on our lives.

That is why, with the idea of the story of the Universal Conclave at heart, I have created a place that we can discuss such matters in earnest, on the forum of The Forgotten Age Trilogy. I have started with five aspects of human existence for us to start with. This is, in no way, the final list of subjects; as more and more categories and subcategories will arise. The first categories are as follows:

-Philosophy (Life and Existence from Many Perspectives)
-Science, Innovation and Stability
-Politics and Equal Rights (Society, Civilization)
-Spirituality (Religion, Mysticism, Myths, Experience)
-Exchange (Finances and Trade)

If we can come together and discuss such matters in an open place, perhaps we will finally be able to create a world without poverty and strife. We have always, as a species, made steps towards cooperation and peace. Here is one way to do that.

How to Join

First, you must make a profile on the website.
Here is a link to the profile creation page:
TFA Profile Page

After that step, there are two ways in which to join the Universal Conclave, and make your voice heard.

The first is to donate to the Indiegogo fundraiser for The Forgotten Age Trilogy, here:
Indiegogo Project

After that, I will be forever grateful, and you will receive confirmation once your profile has been upgraded!

The second way to enter the Universal Conclave, is to apply for membership. Those who are willing can also apply for a moderator position on the website!
All you have to do is type out the reasons for wanting to enter, send your application to the Conclave, and we will ratify your membership.

Send your letter to:

And so, to all those who have asked me, “What is the Universal Conclave?”

“…a place for us to assemble as equals. It takes many perspectives to
discover what is best for our world.”

-Rown Lunetist – TFA2: Resolution

Membership Proposal of Z (Example)

I have decided to make a small list, to kind of state my point on things. This is a list of things, specific matters that should be changed about the Earth, in my opinion. My way of thinking has no more or less status or validity, than any other human being’s perspective. By sharing these ideas, I only hope to perhaps inspire others to help me clear up, and perhaps solve these matters.

-Status relies on our instincts, and the passing of information from a dominant source to another. I do not promote pure anarchy, but I do propose that all human beings be seen as what they are. Men at the top are only more well-fed than those at the bottom of the working chain-of-command. We are all equal. The only thing that separates us are our characters; our beliefs and abilities. Whether or not we are

Reason behind the ideas: Personal experience. I have worked with people from around the world, and been many places, only to be met with kindness. I am where I am, because of the kindness that I have been shown, and even though many need desperate help, it is up to everyone to help each other, something my Iranian co-worker, also believes.
The elderly know that they are lucky to be old, because we cannot get there on our own. They were the rebels of their youth, some of them, but they could not have reached such wisdom and age without help. We can live longer, so we must be able to be free and prosperous, but we must also work for it. A wise modern man once said, “I don’t plow my own fields for food, so I must be able to trust the person who does, so that I can live healthy and do what it is that I think is important, to support him in turn.
People. This is how communities started. We need to get our act together on cooperation.
Also, remember the children that made/make iPhones, or the enslaved children that were forced to make carpets in Pakistan. (See Iqbal Masih). They need everyone’s help, and so we should not let a few of us have too much of their own resources, because they are badly needed by the rest of humanity. We need to make oases in the deserts, we need to help life along, and we need to get out into the stars and explore. Why do you think we would love to lie beneath the stars?

Goal: Eventually, I wish to try and compose a draft for a type of new political and social system, which will give culture a chance, while still uniting the world as one. I will pass this on to the rest of the Conclave, to help perfect and refine, so that this world can finally live in peace, without those who enjoy luxury prey on those who they see as inferior (whether or not intentional).
In the future, if this document is ever ratified by the people of the Earth, it should become something that we can all agree on, and that will be fair to all, period; even Flora and Fauna, the second of which we are part.

I could go on, but I will leave it like this for now. I’ll see you all on the forum, and we can put our ideas together, and maybe we can make our world, and our Solar system, an epic place for humanity…

What do you think?