*Rushes into room, slams door, sits down, tries to come up with something….. and…. we’re good!*

Hello ladies and gents, and anyone who does not fall into those categories!

I have had a long, remarkable week, tweaking and re-tweaking an overview for the Universal Conclave post, on The Current Z.

Check the link below, and don’t be shy now!

While the Universal Conclave is expanding, and new profiles are being made daily, a tumbleweed rolls past the fundraiser, but there is still hope! We can not make this happen without your support!

There will be another link below for the Indiegogo website again, but first…

Along with the post for the Universal Conclave, I have also kept up with The Seisoa Chronicles; making sure that this week’s entry is as awesome as it can be. Here’s a teaser:


Because of the high demand for her lofty conjurations, Nayoh was always on the move. Still walking along the forest path, she reached out her hand and caught a small, chubby, brown bird on her wrist, with a short, stubby beak. It crawled up her fur sleeve, coming to rest on her shoulder. After whistling a few tidbits, it jumped gingerly back down the conjurer’s sleeve, back to her wrist, where it had landed.

“Thanks for that,” Seisoa and Nivek heard her mutter, “here’s some extra for the family.”

The bird was still perched on Nayoh’s wrist, when she held out her hand upward, conjuring up a handful of birdseed. The small, brown bird chirped happily, just before Nayoh opened her hand a bit more, and with a bright blue flash, clasped her hand shut. The bird and the birdseed were gone in an instant, returned to what conjurer’s called the void.

I’ve been waiting to write about Conjurers for so long…. that was so much fun! I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the story!

Without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I give you the links to:

UC Mission Statement

“…a place for us to assemble as equals. It takes many perspectives to
discover what is best for our world.”
-Rown Lunetist – TFA2: Resolution


The Forgotten Age Trilogy Fundraiser on Indiegogo!

Have a great weekend all, and I will return next week with more info, more stories, and much more to tell!

(When you’re on a site, and don’t even know it xD)


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