Hello all!

Quite the week it has been, making cards, videos, and promoting the site with any platform I can get my hands on. Going to work in a warehouse to pay off the bills, coming home and creating more stories and content; getting little sleep in the process is just a part of it, I guess!

However, the fact is, we are already half way through the fundraiser! But, as I wrote in the thank you’s for the first book:

Never give up, never surrender!

Here is a piece of The Seisoa Chronicles- Episode III: A Forest of White and Blue

“Who are you?”
“GET DOWN!” the mage shouted, as Seisoa immediately fell to the ground.
A cold, chill wind blew above them, as the conjurer looked up and saw three other mages, in white and blue cloaks, walking ominously towards them. They all three held glowing balls of energy in their hands; a chilling blue sphere, an electric purple sphere with small bolts of lightning emanating from it, and the third, with a ball of clear water.
“Who are th-”
While Seisoa attempted to inquire, he was cut short when the mage next to him, now seeming concerned with a stranger’s safety, yanked him by the neck of his shirt. Where the conjurer had been standing was soon devastated by a shock of lightning, as if it had come from the sky.


Below, you will also find a link to a new promotional video that I cooked up. Hope you all like!

See you next week! To access the Indiegogo page, go here:


To access the Mission Statement for the Universal Conclave, go here:


To see the new kickass trailer that I made, go here:


Live the Dream,

Unlock the Past,

Change the Future!



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