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The holidays are here!

Had my birthday on Wednesday and Thursday, and damn it was a blast! I’d like to thank everyone who helped make it a success, and everyone that sent a message on all that social networking! Even though they are just a few words, I do believe that the wishes are genuine!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was so epic, I would like to thank JJ for not letting his fellow fans down! Definitely the perfect writer to continue the series!

All that being said, even though I have been busy, I have found time to finish Pandemonium as well! This Star Wars Fan Fiction is to be seen, in full, HERE.
I decided to just put all of the chapters together, but for those who don’t have a lot of time, to read them in succession, click the links below:

Part I                                    Part II                                     Part III

As for The Seisoa Chronicles, here is an excerpt from this week’s episode: Priests and Peasants!

Seisoa was quick to answer, “These people are suffering. Are you blind to their grief? Can you not see that they need food, water, and shelter, just as we all do?
They are not at all inferior to you in any way. Even those you have been hunting, like Stein; they are all your equals! There is no way that you could believe any different!”
Axson just smiled and responded by lifting his right hand, holding an orb of flame, and stating plainly, “Soulfire magic is about how much you know, how accurately you can envision your power to become. Because visualization is key, we will always be better, because we hold the Cronus Libra, and they could never surpass the teachings of Cronus!”
Seisoa’s right hand became a fist, as his left was held up, pointing at the High Priest.
Out of anger and disbelief, he responded through clenched teeth, “That is because you keep the book from them,” then shouted, “That text belongs to the people of Menak, not only a few!”


Yep, it’s getting pretty brutal! I can’t wait till next week, when the battle begins between the Cronus Priests take on the conjurer intruder, and defend their dominion over the citizens of Menak. Been looking forward to a battle of that scale for a long time!


Still recruiting for the Universal Conclave, so anyone who wants to, visit the website, view the mission statement, and if you want to participate, create a profile on the website!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend everyone!


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