First of all, I’d like to give a big shout out of thanks to Sven “Tomtaru” Maesen and Jeron “Shinryuu” Boehle for helping out on the project! We are now up to 6 sponsors, to whom I am eternally grateful!

Unfortunately, there will be no episode of The Seisoa Chronicles this week, because of the holidays! Called my family yesterday (they are spread out across the US and EU :P) And partied hearty with my homies,and again tonight!

However, we’re all in for a treat next week, as Seisoa learns what the people of Menak are going through in next week’s episode:
Episode V: Descent Into Menak
I don’t have a segment, because it’s not written yet xD

A late merry xmas and a premature slappy news year! (I swear that doesn’t happen all the time :p)


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