One more week to go, and we are nowhere near our goal!

But all is well in The Forgotten Age project, because we are just going to run the promotion for a while longer!
Thank you to all who have helped so far, your belief in the project will not go unrewarded!
Don’t forget to share and get the word out!

The story of Seisoa’s time in Menak has been fun to write, research, and create, so here is a passage from last week’s episode- Descent Into Menak:

“That is much like the Informants in our own country! They also report back to the capitol, once they learn something new or important,” Seisoa exclaimed, reminded of his friend Nayoh, and her birds, “So, the information that they collect is free for all to know, right?”

Immediately after saying this, before Stein could reply with a stern and surprised look, Seisoa knew that his statement, and the way that they operated in Farin was nowhere near the truth of Menak. As far as he could tell, the Priests were not to be trusted, and with each new revelation, rose ever more concern in the conjurer’s heart.

This is starting to get crazy and epic!
In other news,I had suffered a back injury last week, hence the lateness of this week’s post. Once I am able to write the next episode, you can be sure that it will be on here!

Unfortunately, my laptop has broken down, and so, it may take some time before the next episode arrives… after four hours of trying to fix it, I’m at my wits end.. but my tenacity is unwavering!
Never give up, never surrender!

So stay tuned for later this week, when we continue the Seisoa Chronicles, and hopefully can have much better news than today!


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