Only 24 HOURS to go for this first segment of the Indiegogo Project for The TFA Trilogy!!

It has been a good run, but we are nowhere near our goal! And so, I will be remaking the Indiegogo page, so that we can keep it running! Don’t worry, those who have sponsored will have their contributions added to the new page, so we can keep going!

Help us out at Indiegogo (LINK) and make sure to make those profiles on the website! (LINK)

Here is an excerpt from this week’s episode: Salis Streets!

“A more rational Menak?”

“Intelligence is the highest value among mages. The people think that their leaders will eventually reveal the knowledge of the Cronus Libra to them, after they have translated its messages, like I said before. The idea of a ‘rational Menak’ is the veil that they cast over the eyes of the people, while they sit on their thrones in prosperity, at the expense of the people.”

The musical mage motioned down the street, allowing Seisoa to learn yet another secret of the mages.

There is also a character from the Trilogy, who reappears in this episode, but I cannot tell… don’t want to spoil the surprise!

We also have some new designs for MARK II of the statuettes, which will soon be online for all to see!

Remember, we cannot do this without your help! Stay tuned for more updates, extra details, and an awesome collection of stories and new legends of The Forgotten Age; where legends are made and heroes are revealed!

Live the Dream
Unlock the Past


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