Hello all!

Here I am, late for this week’s update because of life, liberty, and the pursuit of awesomeness!

Life – Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, and I am proud to say that I have recently become an uncle! Uncle Z… imagine… but just because I wish to reach the top, it should not keep me from seeing those I care about, and enjoying time with them.

Liberty – I have gone to great lengths to work on the project all this week, including sleeping 2 hours a day (only when my brain gets fuzzy, and not because I want to!)

The pursuit of Awesomeness – Each page needs to reflect perfection, especially on the phase two Indiegogo page. That is why I have been working on The Universal Conclave promotional video, with a song from my brother’s band: Walking Horizon.

The Phase II page will be online next week, and all other things pertaining to it!

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to The Forgotten Age Trilogy Indiegogo Project Phase I:

Sven “Tomtaru” Maesen

Stefanie Stouten

Jeroen Boehlé

Jimmy Crispeyn

and last but not least, Kevin Nos Delil

As for Phase II, I have made great leaps in promotion as well this week, including a video for my friends, Bee&Kay, and I’ve been working on a magazine article for a friend of mine, a journalist and fellow author: Robin Pannemans, who has created some articles about ayahuasca and the legality, effects, and research of it. It will  be an excellent read, once I am done with it!

With all these things, we will be making Phase II definitely worth the watch!

And finally, I am sorry for having you all wait so long. This brings much shame to my heart; it is not good to keep promises unfulfilled.

My being late means two things, though, and according to the user called Canary’s post:

“1) you get a better product and

2) we meet the high bar we’ve set for ourselves (and that you, as our backers, have a right to expect from us).”

Here is the video I made for Bee & Kay, already a year late or so. The promise has been kept, and if a promise is kept, then other things will take longer, but I do my best.

See you all next week! I do not have a Seisoa Chronicles episode either; but you all know what that means! (TWO NEXT WEEK!)

Enjoy the video, and your weekend!



One thought on “Indiegogo Weekly Update IX (Phase II Delayed!)

  1. Oh yeah, and I also work 40hrs/week at a warehouse for Terumo, it does take a lot of my time, but that is why I do not sleep enough. :p


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