Chillin in the Ukraine? has seen quite a recent peak in its views per day, and this week, it seems to be the Ukraine that has won the gambit! Who will it be next week? Russia? Argentina?

Chillin in the Ukraine.png

Please note that it is not wise to look at numbers, just wanted to shout out to the Ukraine!

Please note: Go Ukraine!

Please note that we mean no offense to Russia.

Please also note that all borders between countries are just there because someone said that you can “own” land. Nationalism is a funny thing when you come down to it, right?

Imagine that conversation.

-Hey, food comes out of the ground!
°So, who gets the food?
-The guy who owns the ground!
And that’s how wars started.

Then, there was another guy that was face-palming as he saw that happen.

Let the practical jokes begin…


INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number Eighteen: END OF PHASE II

Before we get started on Phase III, I would like to thank our only sponsor of Phase II: me! But that’s ok, I’ve been a bit too busy to give back to you guys, so I’m going to be having a giveaway!

Share #TFAResolution to win free copies of both books!

Now that that is over, here are the changes for Phase III. I’ve added some extra goodies, which will need pictures and all next week, when Phase III starts, but here you go!

Full Resolution Here: LINK


Phase III will start next week, have a great weekend, all!

And remember to share the #TfaResolution to win free copies of both books!

INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number Seventeen

More Concept Art and 1 More Week of Phase II!

My condolences to all of the people that suffered hardship today in Belgium, I hope that peace can someday be realized by all people, instead of this warmongering and hatred.

To those who wish to take down the culprits, do not seek revenge:or you will be fooled into the dark path as well. Let’s all come together for peace, not bloodshed. Just my two cents on the matter.

On the other hand, epic things are afoot! I’ve been playing around with some concepts, and I’d love to know what you guys think!

Here is the picture from last week, scaled down:

Version Three (Holy Shit) copy.png

And after some tinkering with the design, I wanted to do a spread like this:

Version Three Full (Holy Shit).png
Access the Full Resolution HERE

Here are two (out of the dozen) that I have made as other concepts.

Version Two copy.png
Access the Full Resolution HERE


Version One copy.png
Access the Full Resolution HERE


These, I think, are good for showing the change of art between pages, which is what I’m looking for. I might ask many artists to make one drawing, a project that I might be looking into soon. Watch out for that! A portion of Phase 3 will be competitions!

But some of the products that have been available for the first two Phases will be “phased out”.The list of changes will be out later this week! (I have the flu! Greaat! :p)

Soon, everyone will be able to hear the voice of Z…

Watch out, I’m coming for you!




INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number 16 (TSC Literary Comic Concept Art Unveiling!)

I have been brainstorming about how we are going to move forward with the artwork for The Seisoa Chronicles literary comic, for the first ten episodes and boy has it been tough!
After trying different themes, fiddling about in Photoshop Elements again and again, I think I have hit the spot!
Here is an example of what I think a page should look like!

Version Three (Holy Shit).png

Looks hella-good, right? I just need an artist to create the rest of the pages, each pertaining to the subject of the text. Keep a lookout for artists you love, that could take on this massive undertaking, and feel free to share this everywhere!

We will be ordering the books from Kablam! Digital Printing, to make REAL COMIC BOOKS! However, without an artist, I would only make it look terrible. I will be sending invites soon to different artists, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post them on the website, the Facebook page, Twitter, or down below!

As for the rest of the week, I’ve been rereading Resolution, and practicing for a special climax for PHASE III of the Indiegogo Project! It’s going to be juicy…

Remember, Phase II products will only be available for a limited time! You still have two weeks to join in, before the items in the perks are changed!

Thanks for your attention, and let’s Change the Future!