has seen quite a recent peak in its views per day, and this week, it seems to be the Ukraine that has won the gambit! Who will it be next week? Russia? Argentina?

Chillin in the Ukraine.png

Please note that it is not wise to look at numbers, just wanted to shout out to the Ukraine!

Please note: Go Ukraine!

Please note that we mean no offense to Russia.

Please also note that all borders between countries are just there because someone said that you can “own” land. Nationalism is a funny thing when you come down to it, right?

Imagine that conversation.

-Hey, food comes out of the ground!
┬░So, who gets the food?
-The guy who owns the ground!
And that’s how wars started.

Then, there was another guy that was face-palming as he saw that happen.

Let the practical jokes begin…


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