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… but Phase III is being built on the pillars of making everything perfect for one last smackeroo at Indiegogo and this crowdfunding thing.

But before I go ahead and jump start the page with ideas that I have, which I have a habit of doing, I would like to just say one thing.
I’ve got a thought that I want to share.

Still here?


I’ve made it as short as I could.

This should be a fun thing to think about.

 The word hero comes from the Greek ἥρως (hērōs), “hero, warrior.” When Religious texts were written, these heroes live on to become “Warriors of Religion,” “Legends,”  “Prophets,” or “sons of Gods,” as in Emmanuel (Jesus Christ) or Herakles (Hercules). 
And then, because those stories were loaded with depictions of fantastic hērōs, they were revered, and forever remembered. From dictation to text, they became religion.
Then, yes, I’m going to go there:
There are similar stories, that have already spanned a few generations on this planet. The stories of Marvel and DC; having comic books and cartoons, movies and series, merchandising and well placed adds; reach back almost 100 years, and teach us the values of intricate worlds with impossible heroes, facing insurmountable odds. 
In these ways, the fictional characters are also always remembered, in the same way, with the same name, heroes.
However, Religion is bound to its heroes. Jesus, Muhammed, Achilles, Vishnu and Krishna, and all and the too many Gods and Saints to name; were always held in high regard, and its Storytellers and representatives achieved royalty through suffering, for hundreds of years. 

And some of you might have already noticed this point, so I’ll get down to it.

I have never heard about two people, who were from different fandoms, blowing themselves up for Iron Man, or Jean Grey, or Carl, or The Doctor. I’ve seen heated discussions, about who would win in a bout between Superman and Goku, more times than I’d like to count, but nobody has ever gone to war over it.

And so, I would like to state, from my perspective:

Religious Superhero Fandoms could take a hint from all the people who enjoy and learn from more than one story.
You all could just stop fighting over who would win.
(Come to a Comic Convention and check out the art, it’s nice!)
This may come as a bit direct, but your story of God is no better than the creation of the universe by Marvel’s account.
A somewhat similar situation had Reed Richards and an alien from the future traveling to the beginnings of the universe… More


I think Goku and Superman would be buddies.

Messiahs, too.

And to anyone who is fighting for their “one religion,” there are people here who have defended their heroes’ stories through thick and thin, in the greatest conflict that might spark hatred into people’s hearts and make anyone go to war. The debate about the battle between Wolverine and The Hulk is, in the Marvel Fandom, equivalent to The Six Day War, except that nobody had to be slaughtered and pulled out of their homes, so that Fandom Fanatics could have their way.

So, do you see how silly it is, to kill for Heroes?

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