Been a while…

… but Phase III is being built on the pillars of making everything perfect for one last smackeroo at Indiegogo and this crowdfunding thing.

But before I go ahead and jump start the page with ideas that I have, which I have a habit of doing, I would like to just say one thing.
I’ve got a thought that I want to share.

Still here?


I’ve made it as short as I could.

This should be a fun thing to think about.

 The word hero comes from the Greek ἥρως (hērōs), “hero, warrior.” When Religious texts were written, these heroes live on to become “Warriors of Religion,” “Legends,”  “Prophets,” or “sons of Gods,” as in Emmanuel (Jesus Christ) or Herakles (Hercules). 
And then, because those stories were loaded with depictions of fantastic hērōs, they were revered, and forever remembered. From dictation to text, they became religion.
Then, yes, I’m going to go there:
There are similar stories, that have already spanned a few generations on this planet. The stories of Marvel and DC; having comic books and cartoons, movies and series, merchandising and well placed adds; reach back almost 100 years, and teach us the values of intricate worlds with impossible heroes, facing insurmountable odds. 
In these ways, the fictional characters are also always remembered, in the same way, with the same name, heroes.
However, Religion is bound to its heroes. Jesus, Muhammed, Achilles, Vishnu and Krishna, and all and the too many Gods and Saints to name; were always held in high regard, and its Storytellers and representatives achieved royalty through suffering, for hundreds of years. 

And some of you might have already noticed this point, so I’ll get down to it.

I have never heard about two people, who were from different fandoms, blowing themselves up for Iron Man, or Jean Grey, or Carl, or The Doctor. I’ve seen heated discussions, about who would win in a bout between Superman and Goku, more times than I’d like to count, but nobody has ever gone to war over it.

And so, I would like to state, from my perspective:

Religious Superhero Fandoms could take a hint from all the people who enjoy and learn from more than one story.
You all could just stop fighting over who would win.
(Come to a Comic Convention and check out the art, it’s nice!)
This may come as a bit direct, but your story of God is no better than the creation of the universe by Marvel’s account.
A somewhat similar situation had Reed Richards and an alien from the future traveling to the beginnings of the universe… More


I think Goku and Superman would be buddies.

Messiahs, too.

And to anyone who is fighting for their “one religion,” there are people here who have defended their heroes’ stories through thick and thin, in the greatest conflict that might spark hatred into people’s hearts and make anyone go to war. The debate about the battle between Wolverine and The Hulk is, in the Marvel Fandom, equivalent to The Six Day War, except that nobody had to be slaughtered and pulled out of their homes, so that Fandom Fanatics could have their way.

So, do you see how silly it is, to kill for Heroes?

Did you check the links?


You didn’t?

Go back. Worth it.

(Waiting for you to check…)

Of course, that DID get way out of hand didn’t it.

And we’re not done there. It’s coming…

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INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number Foorteen

The fourteenth week of the TFA Indiegogo fundraiser has been a productive one, even though, until Phase III, I will not be able to make the Seisoa Chronicles, but that gives time for everyone of the sponsors abd UC members to catch up! Some fun things that we’ve been doing this week:

-Editing RESOLUTION for the last time, and when that print is mademad be sure that there will be a video ready for its presentation!

-I’ve been doing some more research concerning the Universal Conclave, including the Petrodollar, Palestine, and the big oil companies. It’s a challenge to discern the fact from fiction, and so it does take quite a bit of study.

-Once Resolution is finished, I have made a deal with some marketing companies; to send them all a summary of the first and second books.

-We have decided on a new paint job for the Statuettes, and pictures will be up, when humanly possible!

-The Seisoa Chronicles: Episodes 1-10 will be available as a “literary comic” at FACTS! Currently working on a design for the idea of how a “literary comic” should look.

-Being social and responsible is thrilling, but exhausting! Caught up on some sleep! Might as well mention it, I do work myself to death for not only my dream, but those I love: from family to bros to sistahs to milady. Hero style.

And so, keep a lookout for the new updates, take care out there on the road to awesomeness, and always remember that you are you, and there’s only one chance: today.

Laters! Off to hang with the webmaster: Nayoh! (Cause we homies :p)

Indiegogo Weekly Update XIII

Oohh yeaaah! Some of my best work! *Cough*

HERE is another link to the Indiegogo Project!
Here we are at week 13 of the crowdfunding project for The Forgotten Age Trilogy!

I know that some of you have been waiting for episode 10 of The Seisoa Chronicles, so here is an excerpt!

It seemed that there was no end to the dark mage’s fury. Even though he was only a representative; a pawn of the Priests in their eyes, he thought his own will to be absolute.
As the others gossiped about what was right, and what was wrong, he tapped his foot impatiently. It was the only way to make use of his time. There was no question to his leadership, nor his belief that he alone was the dominant force in Menak.
The mage knew full well that the odds were, however, not in his favor. And so, he stepped into the middle of the room, between the conjurer and the mages, ultimately putting a halt to their conversation; sentencing them to silence.
“I am glad that you think that there is so much debate about who hurts who and who does what, but let me ask you this: does it matter?”
The others gawked; the Priests, disappointed in their fellow mage’s speech, and the rebels; ready to defend themselves, if necessary.


Thank you all for being patient! The marketing is proceeding as follows:

– I have contacted “Smith Publicity,” as well as other agencies in Los Angeles, in preparation for some kind of big release in the states! They seem to have multiple deals for independently published authors, so next week, we’ll see what they’ve got to offer!

The Seisoa Chronicles, episodes 1-10, will be available for reading at the spring edition of FACTS, here in Belgium, so come over and try to find me! And bring your Bluetooth, or I can give you the download link there! It’s in 42 Days xD LINK!

– Now that the first portion of the story has ended, I’ll be taking a break from writing the series, and start my last read of RESOLUTION before I send it off to the editors (at the end of the fundraiser.)

-While I am rereading Resolution, I have an expansion for Soulfire in the works! This is going to be awesome!

– Furthermore, with the extra time I have, I will be gathering more and more sponsors by hand, and hopefully finding a place for my handwritten Journals, so that one lucky person can hold on to my life’s work.

– There will be a meeting, in around six months, for the UNIVERSAL CONCLAVE! I will have to expand on this later, but make our voices heard, and don’t forget to make your profile!

See ya’ll next week!

Indiegogo Weekly Update III

*Rushes into room, slams door, sits down, tries to come up with something….. and…. we’re good!*

Hello ladies and gents, and anyone who does not fall into those categories!

I have had a long, remarkable week, tweaking and re-tweaking an overview for the Universal Conclave post, on The Current Z.

Check the link below, and don’t be shy now!

While the Universal Conclave is expanding, and new profiles are being made daily, a tumbleweed rolls past the fundraiser, but there is still hope! We can not make this happen without your support!

There will be another link below for the Indiegogo website again, but first…

Along with the post for the Universal Conclave, I have also kept up with The Seisoa Chronicles; making sure that this week’s entry is as awesome as it can be. Here’s a teaser:


Because of the high demand for her lofty conjurations, Nayoh was always on the move. Still walking along the forest path, she reached out her hand and caught a small, chubby, brown bird on her wrist, with a short, stubby beak. It crawled up her fur sleeve, coming to rest on her shoulder. After whistling a few tidbits, it jumped gingerly back down the conjurer’s sleeve, back to her wrist, where it had landed.

“Thanks for that,” Seisoa and Nivek heard her mutter, “here’s some extra for the family.”

The bird was still perched on Nayoh’s wrist, when she held out her hand upward, conjuring up a handful of birdseed. The small, brown bird chirped happily, just before Nayoh opened her hand a bit more, and with a bright blue flash, clasped her hand shut. The bird and the birdseed were gone in an instant, returned to what conjurer’s called the void.

I’ve been waiting to write about Conjurers for so long…. that was so much fun! I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the story!

Without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I give you the links to:

UC Mission Statement

“…a place for us to assemble as equals. It takes many perspectives to
discover what is best for our world.”
-Rown Lunetist – TFA2: Resolution


The Forgotten Age Trilogy Fundraiser on Indiegogo!

Have a great weekend all, and I will return next week with more info, more stories, and much more to tell!

(When you’re on a site, and don’t even know it xD)