INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number Eighteen: END OF PHASE II

Before we get started on Phase III, I would like to thank our only sponsor of Phase II: me! But that’s ok, I’ve been a bit too busy to give back to you guys, so I’m going to be having a giveaway!

Share #TFAResolution to win free copies of both books!

Now that that is over, here are the changes for Phase III. I’ve added some extra goodies, which will need pictures and all next week, when Phase III starts, but here you go!

Full Resolution Here: LINK


Phase III will start next week, have a great weekend, all!

And remember to share the #TfaResolution to win free copies of both books!


INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number Seventeen

More Concept Art and 1 More Week of Phase II!

My condolences to all of the people that suffered hardship today in Belgium, I hope that peace can someday be realized by all people, instead of this warmongering and hatred.

To those who wish to take down the culprits, do not seek revenge:or you will be fooled into the dark path as well. Let’s all come together for peace, not bloodshed. Just my two cents on the matter.

On the other hand, epic things are afoot! I’ve been playing around with some concepts, and I’d love to know what you guys think!

Here is the picture from last week, scaled down:

Version Three (Holy Shit) copy.png

And after some tinkering with the design, I wanted to do a spread like this:

Version Three Full (Holy Shit).png
Access the Full Resolution HERE

Here are two (out of the dozen) that I have made as other concepts.

Version Two copy.png
Access the Full Resolution HERE


Version One copy.png
Access the Full Resolution HERE


These, I think, are good for showing the change of art between pages, which is what I’m looking for. I might ask many artists to make one drawing, a project that I might be looking into soon. Watch out for that! A portion of Phase 3 will be competitions!

But some of the products that have been available for the first two Phases will be “phased out”.The list of changes will be out later this week! (I have the flu! Greaat! :p)

Soon, everyone will be able to hear the voice of Z…

Watch out, I’m coming for you!




INDIEGOGO Weekly Update Number 16 (TSC Literary Comic Concept Art Unveiling!)

I have been brainstorming about how we are going to move forward with the artwork for The Seisoa Chronicles literary comic, for the first ten episodes and boy has it been tough!
After trying different themes, fiddling about in Photoshop Elements again and again, I think I have hit the spot!
Here is an example of what I think a page should look like!

Version Three (Holy Shit).png

Looks hella-good, right? I just need an artist to create the rest of the pages, each pertaining to the subject of the text. Keep a lookout for artists you love, that could take on this massive undertaking, and feel free to share this everywhere!

We will be ordering the books from Kablam! Digital Printing, to make REAL COMIC BOOKS! However, without an artist, I would only make it look terrible. I will be sending invites soon to different artists, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post them on the website, the Facebook page, Twitter, or down below!

As for the rest of the week, I’ve been rereading Resolution, and practicing for a special climax for PHASE III of the Indiegogo Project! It’s going to be juicy…

Remember, Phase II products will only be available for a limited time! You still have two weeks to join in, before the items in the perks are changed!

Thanks for your attention, and let’s Change the Future!

Indiegogo Weekly Update XIII

Oohh yeaaah! Some of my best work! *Cough*

HERE is another link to the Indiegogo Project!
Here we are at week 13 of the crowdfunding project for The Forgotten Age Trilogy!

I know that some of you have been waiting for episode 10 of The Seisoa Chronicles, so here is an excerpt!

It seemed that there was no end to the dark mage’s fury. Even though he was only a representative; a pawn of the Priests in their eyes, he thought his own will to be absolute.
As the others gossiped about what was right, and what was wrong, he tapped his foot impatiently. It was the only way to make use of his time. There was no question to his leadership, nor his belief that he alone was the dominant force in Menak.
The mage knew full well that the odds were, however, not in his favor. And so, he stepped into the middle of the room, between the conjurer and the mages, ultimately putting a halt to their conversation; sentencing them to silence.
“I am glad that you think that there is so much debate about who hurts who and who does what, but let me ask you this: does it matter?”
The others gawked; the Priests, disappointed in their fellow mage’s speech, and the rebels; ready to defend themselves, if necessary.


Thank you all for being patient! The marketing is proceeding as follows:

– I have contacted “Smith Publicity,” as well as other agencies in Los Angeles, in preparation for some kind of big release in the states! They seem to have multiple deals for independently published authors, so next week, we’ll see what they’ve got to offer!

The Seisoa Chronicles, episodes 1-10, will be available for reading at the spring edition of FACTS, here in Belgium, so come over and try to find me! And bring your Bluetooth, or I can give you the download link there! It’s in 42 Days xD LINK!

– Now that the first portion of the story has ended, I’ll be taking a break from writing the series, and start my last read of RESOLUTION before I send it off to the editors (at the end of the fundraiser.)

-While I am rereading Resolution, I have an expansion for Soulfire in the works! This is going to be awesome!

– Furthermore, with the extra time I have, I will be gathering more and more sponsors by hand, and hopefully finding a place for my handwritten Journals, so that one lucky person can hold on to my life’s work.

– There will be a meeting, in around six months, for the UNIVERSAL CONCLAVE! I will have to expand on this later, but make our voices heard, and don’t forget to make your profile!

See ya’ll next week!


The twelfth update for the Indiegogo Project for The Forgotten Age Trilogy is here!

And what a few weeks this has been. Working consistently is difficult, especially whilst trying to keep up with beloved family, the greatest of friends, and the job that I need at the moment, so I can continue to bring you all some new material!
It’s tough living a double life, I actually overslept on Wednesday, and was FIVE HOURS late for work. Fun stuff :/

For the last two weeks, I have been working on a video for everyone, which has been posted, almost everywhere! Check it…

Here’s the Mission Statement of The Universal Conclave, including my own vision of how we can put our thoughts together and try to find out what is best; not for a city, not for a country, not for a union, but for this whole planet


What do you think?

The Seisoa Chronicles will continue next week, with the tenth episode in the series! Diplomacy will decide who lives, and who dies..

See ya guys soon, and don’t forget to go to Indiegogo, and help us out! even just 5 Euros sponsorship gets you access to the weekly series of The Seisoa Chronicles! (By me, the Z!)


See you all next week!

Indiegogo Weekly Update XI

(Gotta love my boss Photoshop Skillzzz…. xD)

Here we are again with another Indiegogo Update!

This week has been a lot of work and a lot of madness, as my brother has moved over to the US to visit the family. Good for him!

Unfortunately, I was not able to get much done for the project, because of helping him out, and still working my butt off at a warehouse… Oh well, bills need to be paid, I guess!

However, this dream will come true!

I would like to thank the following people for already sponsoring in Phase I:

Sven “Tomtaru” Maesen

Jimmy Crispeyn

Stefanie Stouten

Jeroen “Shinny” Boehlé

and Kevin “Nos” Delil

They will have the first sponsor page in the new books! Thank you so much, and know that I’m working hard! Also, these sponsors will receive the mystery gift of Phase I… Ooh what could it be…?

Again, this week, there is no Seisoa Chronicles… However, in celebration of Phase II, I have given everyone on the website, who has already made a profile, access to the Universal Conclave, and The Seisoa Chronicles!

Also, a PDF is available for download, containing the first 7 Episodes, for those who can access it.

Have a great weekend everyone! I cannot wait until the Universal Conclave Video (with music from Walking Horizon) is done! It’s looking epic! I am hoping to get a sample out sometime soon, so Like and Share this message if you ant to see it! Sharing is caring, and we need more people interested for this project to grow!

So, let’s get to it, shall we? Vaya con dios!!!

Indiegogo Weekly Update X (PHASE II on Monday!)

Wow, what a week it has been!
We have been working like mad here, at The Forgotten Age, trying to get everything in order for the start of Phase II, and I am happy to say that the project will be starting at the beginning of next week!

Along with the start of Phase II, we are also working on the Mark II version of the statuette! More pictures will be available when the project is launched, but here is a sneak peek at what TinkerNos has been up to!


While all of this has been going on, I have been able to produce some more episodes of The Seisoa Chronicles, for those of you that have joined the website. Here is a segment from Episode VII: The Resistance:

“So I left down an alley, to make sure that they didn’t see me. I started playing ‘Arrival,’ the song that draws in those with power, and puts them into a hypnotic state. The only one who responded to the song was this Axson, who turned the corner quickly. At first, I just wanted to ask him about the guard detail of the stock houses, so that I could retrieve our Priest outfits for the mission.”

“Go on,” Atiana responded, impatience in her tone.

“Well, after doing that, he lingered in the hypnotic state for some time. It didn’t seem like the others would have come looking for him, so I asked him why the Priests were visiting Salis in the first place.”



And another segment, from Episode VIII: SKROOM

Stein seemed already proficient in hand-to-hand combat, taking on three mages at a time; deflecting each attack with ease. As Verol flung yet another combatant against a wall, Seisoa absorbed another attack from the electric mage into the void. All the while, the black robed mage watched from afar, letting his soldiers fight for him, seeming to have no interest in the fight himself.

While Atiana had no trouble defending herself against the icy attacks, she yelled to the others, “We will not win this way! We need to double back towards the basement; we need to protect Skroom!”



Monday, we will be launching PHASE II of the Indiegogo Project, along with a shiney new video, to promote the series and the Universal Conclave!
The song we will be using, is from my brother’s band: Walking Horizon.

Make sure to check out their music, and stay tuned for next week, when we unleash the “Power of a Hero,” to make this world a better place for all beings!


Indiegogo Weekly Update IX (Phase II Delayed!)

Hello all!

Here I am, late for this week’s update because of life, liberty, and the pursuit of awesomeness!

Life – Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, and I am proud to say that I have recently become an uncle! Uncle Z… imagine… but just because I wish to reach the top, it should not keep me from seeing those I care about, and enjoying time with them.

Liberty – I have gone to great lengths to work on the project all this week, including sleeping 2 hours a day (only when my brain gets fuzzy, and not because I want to!)

The pursuit of Awesomeness – Each page needs to reflect perfection, especially on the phase two Indiegogo page. That is why I have been working on The Universal Conclave promotional video, with a song from my brother’s band: Walking Horizon.

The Phase II page will be online next week, and all other things pertaining to it!

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to The Forgotten Age Trilogy Indiegogo Project Phase I:

Sven “Tomtaru” Maesen

Stefanie Stouten

Jeroen Boehlé

Jimmy Crispeyn

and last but not least, Kevin Nos Delil

As for Phase II, I have made great leaps in promotion as well this week, including a video for my friends, Bee&Kay, and I’ve been working on a magazine article for a friend of mine, a journalist and fellow author: Robin Pannemans, who has created some articles about ayahuasca and the legality, effects, and research of it. It will  be an excellent read, once I am done with it!

With all these things, we will be making Phase II definitely worth the watch!

And finally, I am sorry for having you all wait so long. This brings much shame to my heart; it is not good to keep promises unfulfilled.

My being late means two things, though, and according to the user called Canary’s post:

“1) you get a better product and

2) we meet the high bar we’ve set for ourselves (and that you, as our backers, have a right to expect from us).”

Here is the video I made for Bee & Kay, already a year late or so. The promise has been kept, and if a promise is kept, then other things will take longer, but I do my best.

See you all next week! I do not have a Seisoa Chronicles episode either; but you all know what that means! (TWO NEXT WEEK!)

Enjoy the video, and your weekend!


Indiegogo Weekly Update VIII

Only 24 HOURS to go for this first segment of the Indiegogo Project for The TFA Trilogy!!

It has been a good run, but we are nowhere near our goal! And so, I will be remaking the Indiegogo page, so that we can keep it running! Don’t worry, those who have sponsored will have their contributions added to the new page, so we can keep going!

Help us out at Indiegogo (LINK) and make sure to make those profiles on the website! (LINK)

Here is an excerpt from this week’s episode: Salis Streets!

“A more rational Menak?”

“Intelligence is the highest value among mages. The people think that their leaders will eventually reveal the knowledge of the Cronus Libra to them, after they have translated its messages, like I said before. The idea of a ‘rational Menak’ is the veil that they cast over the eyes of the people, while they sit on their thrones in prosperity, at the expense of the people.”

The musical mage motioned down the street, allowing Seisoa to learn yet another secret of the mages.

There is also a character from the Trilogy, who reappears in this episode, but I cannot tell… don’t want to spoil the surprise!

We also have some new designs for MARK II of the statuettes, which will soon be online for all to see!

Remember, we cannot do this without your help! Stay tuned for more updates, extra details, and an awesome collection of stories and new legends of The Forgotten Age; where legends are made and heroes are revealed!

Live the Dream
Unlock the Past