I’ve called this blog “The Current Z,” which some of you know is based on the name of the narrator from my own work of fiction, “The Forgotten Age Trilogy.” You will not really know what I mean by this until the second book is released later this year, so keep an eye out for that! In day to day life, most people who know me do call me Z, and some call me Daniel or Danny, but to be honest, what’s in a name? 

Most of us would rather be called “sweety” than “piece of shit,” but the words that we use to refer to ourselves are still only sounds; melodies that we use in an attempt to express self-awareness and create a persona, complimenting and coalescing this current cause and effect of experiences. With this in mind, it really is of less importance who writes these compiled thoughts and ideas you will read. In my opinion, it’s the content itself that will or will not be worth mentioning.

That’s why I’ve chosen to make this blog also a compilation of your ideas and thoughts, so the only rule here is:

Post any of your ideas and or subjects in the contact section first!

(Or send it to any one of my many profiles. Social networks I’m on are linked above, so don’t be shy!)

By commenting before reading, your own subject won’t be influenced by my post itself. The idea is to gather a huge selection of subjects for future posts, so a complex concoction of information can be spread out on the bread that is the page. We are painting a picture here, you all supply the paint, and I’ll use my words as a brush to combine them into beauty. The winners will be proclaimed at the end of the week, along with my own little piece about the state of things in our world.

So give me some subjects to write about, and I’ll do the research for ya! And for the fun of it, I’ll be using links in the text to add a bit more info and schwag about the subject at hand. I won’t be leading you to offers or discounts or any kind of idiot internet scams, because well, those can be quite annoying, as corporations just love to shove products down our throats.

And so, without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I give you the compilations I have compiled, based on the ideas received from the previous weeks. Enjoy!


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